Return And Refund Policy

As you are buy goods from hyperlocal online market, may be online or offline (takeaway) stores. You can exchange the products rather than return. We are not responsible as some terms and conditions are made by your local sellers. So please check/read carefully terms and conditions of your seller – online market is not selling products in the online market your can search store/seller/shop and businesses nearby you or your nearby market. So, you can search them and follow them and ordering online or you can check out buy going directly to there store also you can return/exchange the product by going directly or you can contact by live chat or store support option for your queries as well as returns too.

On – online market there is two options for delivering products to you

  1. Cityserve one21′ own hyperlocal delivery platform.
  2. Shop’s own personal delivery boy/system.
  3. You can directly reach and takeaway your order by self pickup.


Cityserve delivery

Cityserve is hyperlocal delivery services provider which is providing upto 60 minutes delivery in the radius of 4 kms. If you are ordering by your nearby market from upto 4 kms you will be able for cityserve delivery. Only in the condition of when the seller/shop/store/business is registered with Cityserve – hyperlocal delivery services too. In the cityserve services seller/shop/store/business ‘who is registered with cityserve’ they can create shipping on the behalf of them.

Own delivery System/Boy’ by seller/shop/store/business

One21 is not responsible for the own and personal delivery system by the seller/shop/store/business. please read carefully the terms and conditions of the seller/shop/store/business.

Self pickup/takeaway by you

One21 – online market is always provide you the contact address & location information of the seller/shop/store/business. you can directly go to the seller/shop/store/business and takeaway your order as you like by checking all the necessary things of the product. For self pickup services you can choose SELF PICKUP shipping option on the checkout page .